Be Blessed

It’s another beautiful night for me and my Honey. He woke up early and sent me online messages to start our chat. It’s a serious talk about our personalities. It’s about being a good person to ourselves and to our loved ones.

Being married to someone who is a complete opposite of your own individuality is not an easy task to handle.  But I am lucky he is open to the possibilities of change and goodness towards ourselves and others.

Marriage is beautiful, it’s worth one’s sacrifice, love and faith, an union that has to be shared beautifully with whom we have promised to be with for a lifetime. With me and my husband, distance has been serving us its cruelty. And longing is its revenge for being so in love with someone who stays half the world from me.

Honey, thanks for the beautiful surprise. I Love You.


2 Comments to “Be Blessed”

  1. I’m so glad to hear of good communication with your hubby. Hold those words close to your heart when you’re feeling alone and sad. They will help. Take care and stay strong.

  2. Thanks, Steff. I’d rather have other things go wrong, but not our communication. I always think of him, reaching to him and always in love with him.

    Same with you. Stay happy! =))

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