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July 22, 2011

Be Blessed

It’s another beautiful night for me and my Honey. He woke up early and sent me online messages to start our chat. It’s a serious talk about our personalities. It’s about being a good person to ourselves and to our loved ones.

Being married to someone who is a complete opposite of your own individuality is not an easy task to handle.  But I am lucky he is open to the possibilities of change and goodness towards ourselves and others.

Marriage is beautiful, it’s worth one’s sacrifice, love and faith, an union that has to be shared beautifully with whom we have promised to be with for a lifetime. With me and my husband, distance has been serving us its cruelty. And longing is its revenge for being so in love with someone who stays half the world from me.

Honey, thanks for the beautiful surprise. I Love You.

July 19, 2011

Live, Love, Faith

Happiness is when I get to chat or talk with my Husband. A daily dosage of his online messages is enough to make me feel I am blessed, even if we get to meet only through our lines. Also, a daily dosage of his voice brings life to this longing  heart, just hearing him speak and utter any word deceives the loneliness in me.

Thoughts of him shelter me when I long to embrace him.

Indeed, longing is such a painful word, especially when that elusive person is your Better Half. And knowing that distance conspires with time against your longing…way too cruel.  But all I can do is to keep loving and beholding. There is no beautiful gift than being married to the one you love.

For me, being lucky means being TOGETHER and happily spending the rest of your lives together. Growing old together, for me, is a contentment that I am still pursuing at the moment.

Be thankful, I must say. Be thankful because you’re together with your husband or your wife. You just live once. Each of us has just one life to live and spending that with our love ones is one major priority that must not be forsaken. So stay happy together and live life to the fullest.

Cherish life, live, love and have faith. Share the goodness of life.