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August 6, 2013

Two Letters For My Husband

Letter I

Dearest My Love,

The mere fact that I miss writing to my dearest husband thus this loving gesture.

In the first place, it is not easy to convey these words even in a piece of notebook. I wouldn’t even know if you’re going to read this or even click your inbox to open my highlighted message.

But hey, I am writing this with the thought of you regardless of being read or not, or simply being ignored. Among the three, whichever happens, I wouldn’t mind at all. But, or course, in my case as a wife, I would always prefer the positive assumption which is the first one.

It really scares me writing this note or even the thought of sending it without the assurance of being read or replied to. I was really outgrown by this feeling because at the back of my mind there’s always something that pushes me away from even just dropping you some lines.

Well, sending happy thoughts for my husband won’t hurt, anyway. Life must go on regardless of the situation. Writing is indeed a gateway to freedom. Or perhaps, it’s a freedom itself. So here I am writing for the love of it, for the love of my husband, encompassing all sadness and with sheer gratitude to life.

Here, just thankful and blessed we’re alive because there’s no such thing as line to heaven.

Yours truly,

Your Wife

Letter II

Dearest Beloved,

‘Regardless.” It’s a matter of maintaining a certain thing despite of an obvious situation.  In our case, I opted to maintain loving my husband regardless of everything.  It’s all about continuity of such devotion, or whatever you may call it.  Writing you a note even just through this is one of its manifestations and I am more than just happy to be able to do so.

Yeah, I am really happy, not even a word can fully grasp the meaning upon reading your reply.  And with that I am so thankful and honored.

I am just glad that I still have this feeling of happiness when being read by someone who holds a special place in my heart.  A very simple gesture from a long distance beloved simply means the world to me.

How are you?  I don’t know, perhaps it’s a wrong question or what.  But I’d like to know what you’ve been up to since it’s been a while.  Maybe this is really an inappropriate question to ask.  You can just ignore it, anyway.

With me, it’s still work, school, my crafts and poetry.  Lately, I was just excited that I was able to write poetry for children.  Though, some just needed further editing in order to come up with effective literary pieces. At least, for the meantime, I was able to conceptualize the story lines, revisions and other essential developments may be done later on.  I just felt lucky enough to have produced them in between jobs and all.

Missing so much this idea of being read by my Beloved… I miss your critical way of thinking.  I miss our discourses on random things and even on little ideas that come in a handy for the sake of enlightenment. Even your critical interrogations, they maybe too ‘bold’ to handle, but then, how else I’m going to get over it, coz, hey, it’s my husband’s – just simply precious moments.

I Love you, Dearest.



October 4, 2012

Braving The Distance

Braving the distance is when you’re married and you’re both far from one another.   The situation is not only emotionally painful but also mentally draining. So what do you do?  When you’re in this particular situation, of course it’s a major life challenge which targets your mental and emotional capacities.  So, how do you cope with this situation? These are few of my ways of coping with the distance.  Read on.

Engage in crafts.   I so love crafting. Beads and paper crafts, recycling materials of scrap accessories are very good. There are a LOT of crafts where you can engage yourself with.  And in our today’s time, you have the internet to help you collect a thousand of ideas from around the world.  It’s about time to be creative in this world which is full of innovations. And don’t take aside the idea of being entrepreneur out of these creative ideas yours. If you think they’re worth to be seen in the online market, go!

Grab your pen, laptop and write.   I love writing, it’s my way of creating peace in my heart through this kind of self-expression.  So I do blog. This is my turf, this is where I explode my ideas and feelings.

Pencils. I love pencils and I love pencil drawing.  Crafts and drawing materials top in my shopping list.  I turn to personal blogs of artists and their online videos (Youtube) for inspirations.  I follow them in their Facebook accounts for latest ideas in drawing and practice them myself.  But, first of all, you have to put yourself into it and become passionate.  Because without passion in  whatever you do is just a waste of time and efforts.  So dont hesitate to grab a pen and a sketch pad whever you feel like expressing through visual art.

I invest my time with them without regrets.  So go find yourself in them. You can even involve your family and friends and have fun.  I will have this post updated from time to time. Enjoy!

July 22, 2011

Be Blessed

It’s another beautiful night for me and my Honey. He woke up early and sent me online messages to start our chat. It’s a serious talk about our personalities. It’s about being a good person to ourselves and to our loved ones.

Being married to someone who is a complete opposite of your own individuality is not an easy task to handle.  But I am lucky he is open to the possibilities of change and goodness towards ourselves and others.

Marriage is beautiful, it’s worth one’s sacrifice, love and faith, an union that has to be shared beautifully with whom we have promised to be with for a lifetime. With me and my husband, distance has been serving us its cruelty. And longing is its revenge for being so in love with someone who stays half the world from me.

Honey, thanks for the beautiful surprise. I Love You.

July 20, 2011

Only In My Poetry


I crave to write lines

perpetuating the agony of my forgiving keyboard.


I crave the sound of it pounding

the heart beatings of thy soul.


I crave the honest movements of my fingers,

throwing out the words left

like for a million days

in the shadow of my silence.


I crave my soul

imposing mashed thoughts

of a shattered rainbow

to a clean sheet of blank word document.


I crave you cradling my loving words

left in vagueness

together with the undefined timeline

of an armful union.


I crave myself serving you a plate of my fruit-salad poem

and allowing to taste

the yummy delicacy of my poetry.


I crave myself being lullabied

in your cradle of promises

where all I could hear

are the whispers of an embracing paradise.


At the end, all I can only afford

is the ultimate waking

by the truthfulness of reality

and all I could see

is only the paradise I try to behold

(like a girl holding her beautiful doll)

in the sub-continents of my wishful poetry.