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July 18, 2011

For You

Just to look at your smile

Makes me feel the warmth in your heart

That keeps me floating

All through out my day


Though you’re far away

You’re the first one

That comes to my mind

In every day of my mornings

To give you my hugs

And cuddle in your arms

Like a baby


It’s you that I always want to be with

For the rest of my life

Laugh with you

Giggle while walking

Hand in hand

And share with you

The sight of dawn

And to see how the sun sets

Every day


I want to see how sleep conquers you

Every night

And hear you breathe

While I keep you warm

With these loving blanket

Which has been waiting for you

All these years.


I want to give you my lap

And sleep on it

While I ran my fingers

Through your thick hair

And just watch intensely

The face that captured me.


I want to feel your chest against mine

And keep you close tightly

Like it’s going to be our last.


I want to hold your palms

And let them feel my face

So that you’ll always remember how

It keeps seeking you in your absence.


I love you

The three words you’ll always hear from me

Until the rest of our lives

The three words that will always be

For you.